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CloudCryptoSearch - A Prototype for Secure Searching of Private Data in Cloud Encrypted Domains

Cloud computing security and reliability are important challenges in the research agenda. For some applications managing sensitive data, cloud security solutions and data-privacy management are the main concerns for organizations that are considering a move to the cloud. The advantages of cloud computing include reduced costs, easy maintenance and re-provisioning of resources, thereby also possibly increasing profits. But the adoption of Cloud Computing solutions applies only if different security concerns are ensured. This prototype presents a solution for data storage and data management in Internet Storage Clouds, preserving privacy conditions under the control of Cloud users. The prototype supports operations over stored encrypted data, including reading, writing and searching based on relevance ranking and multiple keywords. The prototype preserves dataprivacy without need to either decipher data during operations in the Cloud or transfer the data during searches. The presented approach is based on a middleware architecture supported by homomorphic encryption techniques combined with dynamic indexing mechanisms.

Authors: Bernardo Ferreira, Henrique João Domingos
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