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A noSQL database dedicated to email message processing

This prototype assesses the integration of modern distributed databases in existing large scale applications, in order to replace the traditional relational database model. The main developer of the prototype was Filipe Gonçalves, a MSc student The integration study’s subject is the Anubis Network’s e-mail filtering application (MPS). MPS is a distributed application and, due to its need of scalability and fault-tolerance, is a suitable candidate for this study. The developed prototype replaces MPS’ storage component, Cacus (which acted as a distributed layer over a SQL-based relational database) with a Cassandra based solution. Cassandra is a highly scalable second-generation distributed database. The replacement was a success, and not only did it maintain Cacus functionality but also led to an increase of up to 10 times in performance as well as significant improvement in the consumption of system resources. If we look at this work as a proof of concept for the use of NoSQL databases in highly demanding production environments in terms of the amount of data stored and high rate of update, we can conclude Cassandra was a striking success. This feeling is shared by Anubis Networks, who plans to include the Cassandra based solution in the next versions of MPS.

Date: November, 2011

Authors: Nuno Preguiça, Pedro Medeiros
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