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MINSENS - An Intrusion Tolerant Routing System for Wireless Sensor Networks

MINSENS is an Intrusion Tolerant Routing Algorithm for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks. MINSENS constructs forwarding tables at each node to facilitate resilient and disjoint multi path communication between sensor nodes and multiple base-stations. The protocol minimizes computation, communication, storage, energy and bandwidth requirements at the sensor nodes (at the WSN level) at the expense of increased computation, communication, storage, and bandwidth requirements at multiple base stations. MINSENS does not rely on detecting intrusions, but rather tolerates intrusions by bypassing the malicious nodes, using disjoint multi-path data-dissemination in a flexible way. An important property of the system is that while a malicious node may be able to compromise a small number of nodes in its vicinity, it cannot cause widespread damage in the large scale network. The prototype implementation in the WiSeNet simulator demonstrates the interesting tolerance to malicious attacks launched by intruder nodes in random and grid topologies, with important advantages compared with other approaches in the literature. The prototype implementation is a result of a MSc thesis developed and concluded at the DI-FCT-UNL and CITI, from Mar/2011 to Sep/2011 by André Ivo Azevedo Guerreiro, supervised in the CITI by Henrique João Lopes Domingos

Authors: Henrique João Domingos, Pedro Marques da Silva
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