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ASSD - Aspect Specification for the Space Domain

Development of a repository to support traceability on space domain projects, developed using an aspect-oriented paradigm.

Technical Note:

he main goal of this activity is to assess the applicability and usefulness of employing an aspect-oriented methodology during the software development lifecycle for both Ground and Space segment projects. Taking as case study an already (successfully) deployed project using a traditional requirements methodology, we will address how “aspects” could have been employed in order to reduce system complexity, development time and improving maintenance tasks. The development of a “meta-aspect” repository architecture is proposed to support this activity, holding the aspects specification identified in the case study, intended for reutilization in further projects.

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Coordinated by: UNINOVA

Project Type: PI ( International basic research or R&D projects )

Funding Entity: European Space Agency

Total Funding Amount: 150 KEuro Keuro

CITI Funding Amount: 60 KEuro Keuro

Start Date: 2006-01-15 / Efective Start Date: 2006-01-15

End Date: 2007-01-30 / Efective End Date: 2007-01-30

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