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A Middlware Architecture for EBanking Services and Applications
MSc Post-Graduation

Submitted to the Technical University of Denmark Ref. IMM-T-2002-23 Reg. ISSN 1601-233X The thesis describes an e-business integration model and a software architecture designed for a middleware web-services oriented platform for Electronic OnLine Banking Services. These platforms must be able to serve millions of customers with a variety of financial services such as online banking, billpay and brokerage. A pragmatic process is proposed to migrate or to integrate conventional n-tier backend systems to a service-oriented computing paradigm, which comprises service-oriented architecture (SOA), integration (SOI), process (SOP) and management (SOM). An hybrid methodology is also proposed to develop and to integrate the benefits of both top-down and bottom-up approaches. E-banking multi-layering services are proposed to categorize various online services, which are subsequently mapped to appropriate technologies, products/tools, and a secure datacenter infrastructure. Common business functionalities are built as shared services to be reused across multilayering services and distribution channels. The multilayer model is conceived to converge the latest technologies such as portal services management, process orchestration, Web services, service control bus, business rules and backend legacy systems.

Start Date: 2002-10-15

End Date: 2003-03-31

Post-Graduation Student / Researcher / Professor:
  • Kim Hansen ( CITI )

Post-Graduation Supervisor(s):
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