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Sistema Automático para Realização de Testes de Penetração
MSc Post-Graduation

Information Technology is a complex field of the current society where we live, still live with the technology of the past half-dead who join more and more new systems, software and protocols. The Security Information Systems involves more than the control of Software updates, installation and maintenance of firewalls, and user awareness for safety. Hackers have realized over time that could take advantage of security flaws in systems and networks of organizations, as well of the vulnerabilities that exist in the applications installed on personal computers. With the passage of time, various computer attacks were carried out and remained in history for case studies. To understand how a hacker can penetrate in a system, we must think and act like him. A Penetration Test to a computer system simulate the methodologies used by Hackers to find the weakest target and explore how it can bypass security controls, acquiring access to systems of the target organization. In a Penetration Test are detected all the details that identify what the organization needs to do to defend yourself from an real invasion. Importantly emphasize that Penetration Tests are divided into attacks carried out from outside and inside the network, but also through social engineering techniques, and others. There are numerous methodologies and tools to perform Penetration Tests, whether automatic or manual. The manual way makes this process very complex since it is a process that requires highly skilled technicians are for the whole testing process, making this option very expensive. These tests require that all tasks are controlled manually. The other option is to choose tools or systems that automate penetration testing procedures or some of the same. These tools are intended to simplify the penetration test, or a part thereof, and in that the tasks are automated, the process is faster than manual testing. It will be about Automatic Penetration Tests performed outside this dissertation will look up. Keywords: Hackers, Cybercrime, Vulnerabilities, Penetration Testing, Attacks, Ethics, Law.

Start Date: 2013-03-01

End Date: 2014-01-31

Post-Graduation Student / Researcher / Professor:
  • José João Afonso Ramos ( Instituto Politécnico de Beja )

Post-Graduation Supervisor(s):
  • Rui Miguel Soares Silva ( Instituto Superior Técnico )

Post-Graduation Jury:
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