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Contribution of agile management for software projects: An empirical study in news portals of Brazil
MSc Post-Graduation

Much has been discussed, in the past few years, in the context of agile management approaches for software development projects. These approaches have gained more practitioners, but there is scarce evidence on their real contribution to projects success. This dissertation aims at corroborating the existence of agile factors contributing to the success of software projects by means of a field study, of descriptive and quantitative nature, with hypotheses testing. A questionnaire was administered to IT professionals working in the most visited news portals of Brazil. We chose this area due to the fact that it is characterized by a large mutation and agility in projects. We gathered 63 answers originated from 8 organizations, located in the cities of São Paulo-SP, Rio de Janeiro-RJ and Porto Alegre-RS. The results obtained prove the existence of three agile factors: i) Delivery Strategy; ii) Team Capability and Commitment; and iii) Customer Involvement that contributed to the success of agile software projects. These factors were determined by principal component analysis, based on a large number of agile practices identified in the literature. It was possible to construct, using logistic regression, a model for estimating the success of projects based on the aforementioned factors.

Post-Graduation Student / Researcher / Professor:
  • Elton Santos Vianna ( Instituto Universitário de Lisboa )

Post-Graduation Supervisor(s):
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