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Grupos Implícitos em Aplicações Interactivas
MSc Post-Graduation

The information overload resulting from the growth of the Internet increases the need for efficient mechanisms to identify and manage relevant information for users and groups of users within web-based interactive applications. As users can be grouped according to shared interests, characteristics and interactions, groups form convenient structures to support the required personalization. Previous work on the subject of implicit groups, carried out in areas such as computer networks and social media, suggests its usefulness in the development of web-based ap- plications, namely in the way content is shared and user personalization is achieved. In this dissertation we investigate the dynamic identification of such type of groups based on the generation of extended user profiles and the application of content-analysis fea- tures, which can be provided by external tools to the system that was developed in this work. The discussed approach extends common explicit user profiles with implicit ex- tracted data reflecting each user’s interests, characteristics and the interactions estab- lished among users. In order to draw conclusions about the use of implicit groups, we present a tool that aims to ease the integration of the concept in web applications. Finally an application scenario is discussed, in the context of a college campus, and the integration of the devel- oped tool into the Moodle platform is described. In the presented scenario, a Moodle extension module relies on the developed tool in order to identify and manage implicit groups of users sharing common interests, char- acteristics and interactions. The identified groups are then used to support new Moodle features, which teachers and students can use to share research and news articles with each other.

Post-Graduation Student / Researcher / Professor:
  • Miguel Pais ( Departamento de Informática FCT/UNL )

Post-Graduation Supervisor(s):
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