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Distribuição e Estabelecimento Seguro de Chaves Criptográficas para Redes de Sensores sem fios
MSc Post-Graduation

Due to the characteristics of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and sensor device constraints, the classic key-distribution schemes for secure network architectures and other recent key establishment approaches proposed for ad-hoc wireless networks are, in general, inapplicable. Because sensor networks pose unique new challenges, a key-establishment scheme for WSNs must be designed to address new requirements and criteria, such as: (1) scalability - to support networks with thousands of nodes, (2) efficiency - to be realistic and adaptable to computational, communication and energy limitations, (3) resiliency - to resist possible physical node captures as well as node-level secrets and key compromises and (4) flexibility - to be adapted and useful to ad-hoc organization models and in-networks processing needs. Thsi dissertation proposes, implements and evaluates a novel efficient key-distribution approach for secure WSN architectures. The model is inspired in a combination of key pairwise probabilistic pre-distribution and key-pairwise schemes with randomized (or probabilistic) re-keying and management techniques, particularly designed for cluster-based wireless sensor network architectures. The proposed scheme is implemented and integrated as a key-establishment service for a secure WSN architecture based on TinyOS and MiniSec (a secure sensor network communication architecture)previous developed at the Carneggie-Mellon University. The validation of the proposed protocol with experimental analysis of scalability, efficiency, resiliency and flexibility criteria was studied in a simulation environment based on TOSSIM (a simulator and emulator for real TinyOS sensor networks).

Start Date: 2007-10-01

End Date: 2008-07-30

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