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Testes Unitários Evolutivos, Dinâmicos e Inteligentes
MSc Post-Graduation

Evolutionary Unit Testing The test phase plays an important role in the software application development process, furthermore when development methodologies (e.g. Extreme Programming) are adopt, in which unit tests are paramount for their success. Existing tools for performing unit testing demand oblige programmers to design, implement and execute the tests. These tasks are time consuming and repetitive, and therefore programmers tend to neglect them. This degrades, inevitably, the quality of the software. Studies indicate that about 50% of the application development time is, directly or indirectly, related to testing. Thus, it is crucial to develop mechanisms to automate the generation of unit tests, which, on one hand, free the programmers from those tasks, and, on the other hand, increase the quality of the tests. The goal of the work being developed in the context of this Master Thesis is to implement a tool that enables automatic unit tests generation, for Java-based application, and that, unlike existing tools, test generation is performed in a dynamic, intelligent way, increasing reliability of the tests.

Post-Graduation Student / Researcher / Professor:
  • Nuno Alexandre Palma ( Departamento de Informática da Universidade de Évora )

Post-Graduation Supervisor(s):
  • Luis Arriaga da Cunha ( Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil )

Post-Graduation Jury:
  • Henrique João Domingos
  • Luis Arriaga da Cunha ( Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil )
  • Salvador Luís Bethencourt Pinto Abreu ( Departamento de Informática da Universidade de Évora )
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