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CITI Joins Three New International Projects

1ImTV - OnDemand Immersive -TV for Communities of Media Producers and Consumers (project leader: João Magalhães)

The long-term vision of the project is to exploit the full potential of new trends in media production and consumption by devising an on-demand immersive-TV framework combining TV industry, Internet distribution models andend - user's needs/interests.

Project partners, besides CITI@FFCTUNL (leader), are the UTAustin, INESC-Porto, LASIGE@FFCUL, a FCCN, as well as the Portuguese firms ZON Multimédia, MOG Solutions, and Duvideo.

SEE-THROUGH-SOUND: The perception and cognition of space and its features by mapping visual information into sound and sound structures (CITI local coordinator: Sofia Cavaco)

See-Through-Sound is a research project that is aimed at creating an innovative solution for the cognition and sensing of space. The goal of the project is the development of a portable and wearable interface that can be used in a wide range of applications and by a large pool of different users.

Project partners, CITI@FCT/UNL, CESEMI@FCSH/UNL (leader), LIVEI@University of Texas at Austin.

COST Action Euro TM (CITI local leaders: João Lourenço, Nuno Preguiça)

The action aims at consolidating European research on several interdisciplinary aspects of Transactional Memories, including theoretical foundations, algorithms, hardware and operating system support, language integration and development tools, and applications. It involves several academic and industrial partners in DK, FR, DE, GR, IE, IL, IT, PT, ES, SE, CH, UK.