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Vitor Rocio
Vitor Rocio's Photo

MultiModal Systems

Country: Portugal

Position: Associate Professor

Email: vjr(at)

Phone: 213916300

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{ Visits hosted at CITI }
  • Juan Otero Pombo, Universidade de Vigo (Spain)
    [ 1 Mar 2006 to 1 Jun 2006 ]

    The work developed in this visit focused on the extraction of agreement information from partial parses and its use for spelling correction purposes.

  • Juan Otero Pombo, Universidade de Vigo (Spain)
    [ 16 Sep 2005 to 16 Dec 2005 ]

    The main target of his work was the integration of spelling correction and parsing tasks to improve the performance of both. Finding a good correction for a misspelled word is one of the currend challenges of the spelling correction tools but it is quite difficult without taking into acount some contextual infomation. Moreover, robust incomplete parsing performs better when mispelling erros are corrected. Juan Otero research has been centered arround the following topics: * Exporation of DyAlog tool, which alows the development of parsers in natural language processing. * Study of Defined Clauses Gramars (DCG\'s) used to implement the portuguese grammar used by my parser and its possible adaptation to spanish or galician. * Adaptation of regional spelling corrector to correct misspelled words before the parser was run. For each possible candidate to be a correction of a misspelled word, the spelling corrector obtains a prolog fact which can be processed by the parser.

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