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Vasco Amaral
Vasco Amaral's Photo

Software Systems

Country: Portugal

Position: Assistant Professor

Email: vasco.amaral(at)

Phone: +351 21 294 85 36

Personal Web Page

I am currently Assistant Professor at the department of Computer Science group Science and Technology of Programming Section (CTP) of UNL (Universidade Nova de Lisboa ). Invited Professor for the winter semester 2007/2008 at University of Geneva (working with the SMV group headed by the Prof. Doctor. Didier Buchs). Senior member at IEEE where is vice-chair of the Portuguese Computer Science Chapter. Elected Coordinator at the regional level of the Software Engineers Association at Ordem dos Engenheiros. Research goals: derive tools & dedicated formalisms for modeling specific software intensive domains with conceptual notations, semantically well described, while dealing with families of software products. The purpose is to analise system properties, verify, simulate, optimize, and automatically derive code from models specified by the domain experts. Currently, is interested on the particular topic of Modelling Cyber-Physical Systems. Additional goal: derive a consistent, but practical methodology for the complete DSL Engineering life-cycle. ACM Computing Classification System personal interest subjects: J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering; F.3 Logics and meaning of programs; H.1 Models and Principles; H.2 Database Management

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