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João Lourenço
João Lourenço's Photo

Computer Systems

Country: Portugal

Position: Assistant Professor

Email: joao.lourenco(at)

Phone: (+351) 212 948 536

Personal Web Page

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

João Lourenço received his doctoral degree from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, in 2004, where he holds a position as Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department. He is a member of the advisory board of the Euro-Par Conference Series, a member of the Management Committee of the Euro-TM COST action, and a member of the steering committee of the International Conference on Multicore Software Engineering, Performance, and Tools (MUSEPAT) series. In the past he was a member of the steering committee of the PADTAD Workshop Series. His primary research interests are in in-memory data management, and static and dynamic program analysis. During his sabbatical leave in 2011-12, he spent three months at the IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa, Israel, with Dr. Eitan Farchi’s researchgroup. Recently he received a Distinguished Paper Award in Euro-Par 2012 and the Best paper Award at HVC 2012.

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