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Visits Icon  List of all external researchers that have visited CITI and all visits made by CITI members to other research institutions and universities. The list MAY NOT BE complete, refer to activity reports for official information.

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bulletDaniel Amyot, University of Ottawa (Canada)
   [ 15 Jul 2009 to 17 Jul 2009 ]
   Hosted by: Ana Moreira

Research visit organised in the context of previous visits of the PhD students Gunter Mussbacher to discuss the standardization of the AoURN notation.

bulletRocco de Nicola, Università di Firenze (Italy)
   [ 15 Jun 2009 to 20 Jun 2009 ]
   Hosted by: Luis Caires

CITI Advisory Board Meetings.

bulletGunter Mussbacher, University of Ottawa (Canada)
   [ 2 Jun 2009 to 13 Jun 2009 ]
   Hosted by: João Araújo

Gunter is developing the Aspect-oriented User Requirements Notation (AoURN), a framework that enables goal-oriented, scenario-based, and aspect-oriented modeling in a unified way. During his visit we will write a paper to be submitted to a journal.

   Seminars @ CITI: Semantic-Based and Syntactic-Based Feature Interactions in Aspect-oriented Models

bulletGael Dias, Université de Caën Basse Normandie (France)
   [ 21 May 2009 to 22 May 2009 ]
   Hosted by: Gabriel Pereira Lopes

Gael Dias was invited to argue the MSc dissertation by Luís Gomes on "parallel Texts Alignment". It was also dicussed the on-going project VIP-ACCESS

bulletLucia Specia, Xerox Research Centre Europe (France)
   [ 4 Feb 2009 to 6 Feb 2009 ]
   Hosted by: Gabriel Pereira Lopes

Lucia Specia has been invited as she has been selected as a possible post-doc to be contracted by FCT/UNL under the Programme Compromisso coma Ciência 2008. A presentation was made of ongoing work at Xerox. The post was not latter accepted as Xerox invited her to stay at Xerox research Centre Europe, where she was working at the time.

   Seminars @ CITI: Predicting the Sentence-Level Quality of Machine Translation Systems

bulletIvan Lanese, Universitá di Bologna (Italy)
   [ 14 Dec 2008 to 20 Dec 2008 ]
   Hosted by: Carla Ferreira

Joint work in the area of compensation policies for long running transactions.

   Seminars @ CITI: Bridging the gap between Interaction- and Process-Oriented Choreographies

bulletMaurizio Morisio , Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
   [ 15 Dec 2008 to 17 Dec 2008 ]
   Hosted by: Fernando Brito e Abreu

Identification of joint research work in the areas of agile development and test-driven development. Presentation of a seminar for CITI. Participation as jury member in the PhD panel of Miguel Goulão.

   Seminars @ CITI: Agile methodologies and test driven development: report on two empirical studies

bulletGuido Moerkotte, University of Mannheim (Germany)
   [ 10 Dec 2008 to 11 Dec 2008 ]
   Hosted by: Vasco Amaral

Prof. Doctor Guido Moerkotte gives a seminar with the title: "Dynamic Programming for Join Ordering Revisited". Also has a meeting with the DSL /(software languages engineering) working group in order to build the foundations for a future collaboration project.

   Seminars @ CITI: Dynamic Programming for Join Ordering Revisited

bulletCarl-Christian Kanne, University of Zurich (Switzerland)
   [ 9 Dec 2008 to 11 Dec 2008 ]
   Hosted by: Vasco Amaral

Prof. Doctor Carl-Christian Kanne gives a seminar with the title: "Scalable Business Process Automation". Also has a meeting with Vasco Amaral and the rest of the students part of the DSL / Software Languages Engineering working group in order to build the foundations for a future collaboration project.

   Seminars @ CITI: Scalable Business Process Automation

bulletLevi Silva Lúcio, CITI (Portugal)
   [ 22 Oct 2008 to 29 Oct 2008 ]
   Hosted by: Vasco Amaral

Work meetings with the BATIC3S project team concerning the integration of Model Based Testing tools and concepts. Seminar at DI.

   Seminars @ CITI: SATEL - A Test Intention Language for Object Oriented Specifications of Reactive Systems

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