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Seminars Icon  CITI organizes a regular seminar series since its foundation in 1997. Talks at the CITI seminar are usually given by visitors, but also by CITI members and their students.
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bulletSESAME - A Model-driven Process for the Test Selection of Small-size Safety-related Embedded Software
   Gilles Perrouin (Université du Luxembourg)
   27 Jan 2010, Host: Software Systems

bulletA Document Descriptor Extractor Based on Relevant Expressions
   Joaquim Ferreira da Silva
   20 Jan 2010, Host: MultiModal Systems

bulletModel-Driven Engineering at work: Multi-Paradigm Modelling
   Hans Vangheluwe (School of Computer Science, McGill University)
   13 Jan 2010, Host: Software Systems

bulletWearable and tangible interfaces as catalysts of embodiment in pervasive games
   Tiago Martins (CITI)
   6 Jan 2010, Host: MultiModal Systems

bulletA Type System for Access Control in an Object-Oriented Language
   Mário Pires
   16 Dec 2009, Host: Software Systems

bulletA Spatial-Epistemic Logic and Tool for Reasoning about Security Protocols
   Bernardo Toninho
   16 Dec 2009, Host: Software Systems

bulletUnifying Memory and Database Transactions
   Ricardo Dias
   2 Dec 2009, Host: Computer Systems

bulletTowards a service-oriented parallel programming model
   Hervé Paulino
   18 Nov 2009, Host: Computer Systems

bulletA Note on Sparse Anti-Monge Matrices
   Luís Russo
   4 Nov 2009, Host: Software Systems

bulletAdvanced Code Coverage Analysis Using Substring Holes
   Eitan Farchi (IBM Research Labs at Haifa)
   28 Oct 2009, Host: Computer Systems

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