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Seminars Icon  CITI organizes a regular seminar series since its foundation in 1997. Talks at the CITI seminar are usually given by visitors, but also by CITI members and their students.
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bulletThe Visual Contract Language
   Nuno Amálio (University of Luxemburg)
   19 Dec 2012, Host: Software Systems

bulletExtracting Relevant and Trustworthy Information from Microblogs
   Krishna Gummadi (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)
   14 Dec 2012, Host: Computer Systems

bulletStheno, a Real-Time Fault-Tolerant P2P Middleware Platform for Light-Train Systems
   Rolando Martins (Carnegie Mellon University)
   5 Dec 2012, Host: Computer Systems

bulletOn the Use of Multiple Views Interactive Environments on Software Comprehension Activities
   Glauco de Figueiredo Carneiro (Universidade Salvador)
   21 Nov 2012, Host: Software Systems

bulletSingle Operation Multiple Data - Data Parallelism at Subroutine Level
   Hervé Paulino
   31 Oct 2012, Host: Computer Systems

bulletSynthesizing Software Verifiers from Proof Rules
   Nuno Lopes (Instituto Superior Técnico)
   17 Oct 2012, Host: Software Systems

bulletSucint structures to selfindexing text
   Nieves Brisaboa (Universidade da Coruña)
   27 Sep 2012, Host: MultiModal Systems

bulletDigital and biological storage systems - a quantitative comparison
   Tomasz Bilski (Poznań University of Technology)
   26 Sep 2012, Host: Computer Systems

bulletSharing a Sequential Program: Correctness and Concurrency Analysis
   Petr Kuznetsov (Technische Universität Berlin)
   20 Jul 2012, Host: Computer Systems

bulletPractical Abstractions for Dynamic and Parallel Software
   Umut A. Acar (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)
   12 Jul 2012, Host: Computer Systems

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