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Seminars Icon  CITI organizes a regular seminar series since its foundation in 1997. Talks at the CITI seminar are usually given by visitors, but also by CITI members and their students.
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bulletFully-Compressed Suffix Trees
   Luís Manuel Silveira Russo (Departamento de Informática FCT/UNL)
   2 Apr 2008, Host: Software Systems

bulletSILC: Simple Interface for Library Collections
   Tamito KAJIYAMA (University of Tokyo)
   12 Mar 2008, Host: Computer Systems

bulletCell Broadband Engine: A Heterogeneous Multi-Core Architecture -- HW Overview and Programing Paradigms
   Werner Kriechbaum (IBM International)
   7 Mar 2008, Host: Computer Systems

bulletVersioned Software Transactional Memory - An STM in the real world
   João Cachopo (Instituto Superior Técnico)
   5 Mar 2008, Host: Computer Systems

bulletBuilding DSL solutions for the Domain of High Energy Physics
   Vasco Amaral
   27 Feb 2008, Host: Software Systems

bulletAugmented Environments
   Teresa Romão
   20 Feb 2008, Host: MultiModal Systems

bulletTitle: The MOVA Tool
   Manuel Clavel (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
   30 Jan 2008, Host: Software Systems

bulletEvaluating the Effectiveness of Using Catalogues to Elicit Non-Functional Requirements
   Luis Cysneiros (University of York)
   29 Nov 2007, Host: Software Systems

bulletQuantum Computing, Quantum Communication and Quantum Cryptography
   Simon Gay (University of Glasgow)
   28 Nov 2007, Host: Software Systems

bulletA Semantical Framework for Hybrid Knowledge Bases
   David Pearce (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)
   14 Nov 2007, Host: Computer Systems

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