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Seminars Icon  CITI organizes a regular seminar series since its foundation in 1997. Talks at the CITI seminar are usually given by visitors, but also by CITI members and their students.
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bulletA Typed Model for Multiparty Conversations
   Hugo Torres Vieira
   19 Nov 2008, Host: Software Systems

bulletSATEL - A Test Intention Language for Object Oriented Specifications of Reactive Systems
   Levi Silva Lúcio (CITI)
   29 Oct 2008, Host: Software Systems

bulletPerformance analysis and tuning of parallel/distributed applications
   Eduardo César (Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona), Anna Morajko (Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona)
   15 Sep 2008, Host: Computer Systems

bulletResearch in Mobile User Interfaces at Columbia University
   Steve Feiner (Columbia University)
   17 Jun 2008, Host: MultiModal Systems

bulletChinaGrid: China Education and Research Grid
   Weimin ZHENG (Tsinghua University)
   4 Jun 2008, Host: Computer Systems

bulletZOO, an abstract semantic domain of object-orientation
   Nuno Amálio (University of Luxemburg)
   21 May 2008, Host: Software Systems

bulletThe IntegraEPI project
   Denise Stringhini (Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie)
   30 Apr 2008, Host: Computer Systems

bulletSubstructural Operational Semantics
   Frank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University)
   23 Apr 2008, Host: Software Systems

bulletDynamic Tuning of Distributed Applications on Computational Grids
   Genaro Costa (Universidad de Barcelona)
   23 Apr 2008, Host: Computer Systems

bulletStatistical Modeling and Synthesis of Intrinsic Structures in Impact Sounds
   Sofia Cavaco
   16 Apr 2008, Host: MultiModal Systems

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