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Seminars Icon  CITI organizes a regular seminar series since its foundation in 1997. Talks at the CITI seminar are usually given by visitors, but also by CITI members and their students.
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bulletBPM in Software Processes
   Toacy Oliveira (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
   2 May 2014, Host: Software Systems

bulletSpace Complexity of Replicated Data Types
   Marek Zawirski (INRIA)
   9 Apr 2014, Host: Computer Systems

bulletDependent Information Flow Types
   Luísa Lourenço
   2 Apr 2014, Host: Software Systems

bulletIncremental Parallel and Distributed Systems
   Pramod Bhatotia (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)
   26 Mar 2014, Host: Computer Systems

bulletThe Quest for Supporting Snapshot Isolation in Transactional Memory
   Ricardo Dias
   12 Mar 2014, Host: Computer Systems

bulletSynthesising Correct Concurrent Runtime Monitors
   Adrian Francalanza (University of Malta)
   5 Feb 2014, Host: Software Systems

bulletProbabilistic deduplication for cluster-based storage systems
   Konstantinos (Kostas) Kloudas
   29 Jan 2014, Host: Computer Systems

bulletBlotter: Scalable and Low-Latency ACID Transactions for Geo-Replicated Storage
   Henrique Moniz
   18 Dec 2013, Host: Computer Systems

bulletLogic-Based Domain-Aware Session Types
   Jorge A. Pérez
   4 Dec 2013, Host: Software Systems

bulletCallisto: co-scheduling parallel run time systems
   Tim Harris (Oracle Labs)
   25 Nov 2013, Host: Computer Systems

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