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Publications Icon  List of publications produced by CITI members as part of their research activities including work done in collaboration with external researchers. Select one of the publication types from the list below. The list MAY NOT BE complete, refer to activity reports for official information.

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bulletFlexible Interface for Distributed Debugging (Library and Engine): Reference Manual
   João Lourenço, José Alberto Cardoso e Cunha

bulletTermination and Confluence of Context-Sensitive AC-Rewriting
   Anabela Ribeiro

bulletData Storage for Mobile Collaborative Applications
   Nuno Preguiça, José Legatheaux Martins, Henrique João Domingos

bulletNew Tools for Coastal Managers - Providing Decision Makers with Useful Information through Multidimensional Visualisation Techniques
   Teresa Romão, A. Eduardo Dias, Joost Buurman, Henk Scholten

bulletKeeping Contextual Awareness
   A. Eduardo Dias, Teresa Romão, João Paulo Branquinho Pimentão, António Câmara

bulletEvolução Tecnológica da Internet em Portugal
   May, 1997
   José Legatheaux Martins

bulletA Lógica como Linguagem de Programação
   Luis Monteiro

bulletCoastal Zone Management Based on Aerial Photograph Mosaics
   Teresa Romão, Mathilde Molendijk, António Câmara, Henk Scholten

bulletProtocolos de Comunicação Fiável em Grupo para Sistemas Distribuídos
   April, 1993
   Henrique João Domingos

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