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Publications Icon  List of publications produced by CITI members as part of their research activities including work done in collaboration with external researchers. Select one of the publication types from the list below. The list MAY NOT BE complete, refer to activity reports for official information.

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bulletIntegrating the NFR framework in a RE model
   March, 2004
   Isabel Sofia Brito, Ana Moreira

bulletUsing Aspects to Develop Built-In Tests for Components
   October, 2003
   Jean Michel Bruel, João Araújo, Ana Moreira

bulletModeling and Validating Interaction Aspects in UML
   October, 2003
   Jon whittle, João Araújo, Dae-Kyoo Kim

bulletMob: a Scripting Language for Programming Web Agents
   October, 2003
   Hervé Paulino, Luís Lopes, Fernando Silva

bulletAnalysis Patterns Specifications: Filling the Gaps
   September, 2003
   Marta Pantoquilho, Ricardo Raminhos, João Araújo

bulletCBSE: a Quantitative Approach
   June, 2003
   Miguel Goulão

bulletStatistically based extraction of translation equivalents from large parallel corpora
   June, 2003
   Gabriel Pereira Lopes

bulletDistributed Typed Concurrent Objects: a Programming Language for Distributed Computations with Mobile Resources
   May, 2003
   Álvaro Figueira, Hervé Paulino, Luís Lopes, Fernando Silva

bulletIdentifying Aspectual Use Cases Using a Viewpoint-Oriented Requirements Method
   March, 2003
   Paulo Coutinho, João Araújo

bulletTowards a Composition Process for Aspect-Oriented Requirements
   March, 2003
   Isabel Sofia Brito, Ana Moreira

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