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bullet Future Generations of Problem Solving Environments
   @ The Architecture of Scientific Software - 2001
   José Alberto Cardoso e Cunha

bulletThe DDBG Distributed Debugger
   @ Parallel Program Development for Cluster Computing: Methodology, Tools and Integrated Environments - 2001
   José Alberto Cardoso e Cunha, João Lourenço, Vítor Duarte

bulletGenerating Object-Z Specifications from Use Cases”, Enterprise Information Systems
   @ Enterprise Information Systems - 2000
   Ana Moreira, João Araújo

bulletQuantitative Approaches in Object-Oriented Software Engineering (QAOOSE’2000 Report)
   @ ECOOP’2000 Workshop Reader - 2000
   Fernando Brito e Abreu, Geert Poels, Houari A. Sahraoui, Horst Zuse

bulletCascaded Partial Parsing (Análise sintáctica parcial em cascata)
   @ Linguística Computacional: Investigação Fundamental e Aplicações - 1999
   Vitor Rocio, Gabriel Pereira Lopes

bulletQuantitative Approaches in Object-Oriented Software Engineering (QAOOSE’99 Report)
   @ ECOOP’99 Workshop Reader - 1999
   Fernando Brito e Abreu, Horst Zuse, Houari A. Sahraoui, Walcelio Melo

bulletOvercoming lexical information incompleteness (Superando a incompletude da informação lexical)
   @ Linguística Computacional: Investigação Fundamental e Aplicações - 1999
   Gabriel Pereira Lopes, Vitor Rocio, João Balsa da Silva

bulletCoastMAP: Aerial Photographs Based Mosaics in Coastal Zone Management
   @ Spatial Multimedia and Virtual Reality - 1999
   Teresa Romão, António Câmara, Mathilde Molendijk, Henk Scholten

bulletTechniques, Tools and Formalisms for Capturing and Assessing Architectural Quality in Object-Oriented Software
   @ ECOOP’98 Workshop Reader - 1998
   Isabelle Borne, Fernando Brito e Abreu, Wolfgang De Meuter, Galal Hassan Galal

bulletA language for contextual logic programming
   @ Logic Programming Languages: Constraints, Functions, and Objects - 1993
   Luis Monteiro, António Porto

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