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Publications Icon  List of publications produced by CITI members as part of their research activities including work done in collaboration with external researchers. Select one of the publication types from the list below. The list MAY NOT BE complete, refer to activity reports for official information.

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bulletDisciplined Structured Communications with Disciplined Runtime Adaptation
   Science of Computer Programming - January, 2015
   Cinzia Di Giusto, Jorge A. Pérez

bulletAvaliação empírica do sucesso da utilização da gestão ágil de projetos no desenvolvimento de software em portais de notícias do Brasil
   Revista de Sistemas e Computação (UNIFACS) - June, 2014
   Elton Santos Vianna, Gutenberg A. Silveira, Fernando Brito e Abreu

bulletConsistency Checking in Early SPL Specifications - The VCC Approach
   Journal of Universal Computer Science - May, 2014
   Mauricio Alférez, Roberto E. Lopez-Herrejon, Ana Moreira, Vasco Amaral, Alexander Egyed

bulletAutonomic Workflow Activities: The AWARD Framework
   International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient, and Autonomic Systems (IJARAS) - April, 2014
   Luis Assunção, Carlos Gonçalves, José Alberto Cardoso e Cunha

bulletCasual Games with a Pervasive Twist
   Entertainment Computing - April, 2014
   Sofia Reis, Nuno Correia

bulletNotas Leitura/Recensão Crítica: Federico Pistono, Robots will steal your job, but that’s ok: how to survive the economic collapse and be happy
   Revista de Ciências da Computação - April, 2014
   Nuno Marques

bulletWeb-GIS models: accomplishing modularity with aspects
   Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering - March, 2014
   Matias Urbieta, Ana Isabel Durão Mata de Oliveira , João Araújo, Armanda Rodrigues, Ana Moreira, S. Gordillo, Gustavo Rossi

bulletMatch-up Analysis of MERIS Radiometric Data in the Northern Adriatic Sea
   IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters - January, 2014
   Tamito Kajiyama, Davide D\'Alimonte, Giuseppe Zibordi

bulletDesign of an Interactive Experience with Medieval Illuminations: A Journey into the Beauty and Meaning of Medieval Portuguese Manuscripts
   Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (JOCCH) - 2014
   Nuno Correia, Teresa Romão, Tarquínio Mota, Maria João Melo

bulletHeterogeneous Programming with Single Operation Multiple Data
   Journal of Computer and System Sciences - 2014
   Hervé Paulino, Eduardo Marques

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