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bulletForeword of the Thematic Track: Evidence-Based Software Quality Engineering
   Sep, 2014 @ editorial activities
   Guilherme Horta Travassos, Fernando Brito e Abreu

bulletUm Mecanismo de Caching para o Protocolo SCORe
   Sep, 2014 @ in proceedings
   João André Silva, João Lourenço, Hervé Paulino

bulletIndirect Keyword Recommendation
   Aug, 2014 @ in proceedings
   André Sabino, Armanda Rodrigues, Miguel Goulão, João Gouveia

bullet SnapMind: A framework to support consistency and validation of model-based requirements in agile development
   Aug, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Fernando Wanderley, António SIlva, João Araújo, Denis Silveira

bulletFlexible Modeling and Product Derivation in Software Product Lines
   Jul, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Jorge Barreiros, Ana Moreira

bulletA Multi-Path Intrusion Tolerant Routing Service for Wireless Sensor Networks using Dijoint Routes and Multiple Base Stations
   Jul, 2014 @ technical reports
   Henrique João Domingos, João Carlos Andrade de Almeida

bulletReputation Analysis with a Ranked Sentiment-Lexicon
   Jul, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Filipa Peleja, João M. Santos, João Magalhães

bulletRely-Guarantee Protocols
   Jun, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Filipe Militão, Jonathan Aldrich, Luis Caires

bulletExperimental Evaluation of Conceptual Modelling through Mind Maps and Model Driven Engineering
   Jun, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Fernando Wanderley, Denis Silveira, João Araújo, Ana Moreira

bulletIdentifying modularity improvement opportunities in goal-oriented requirements models
   Jun, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Catarina Gralha Almeida, Miguel Goulão, João Araújo

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