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Publications Icon  List of publications produced by CITI members as part of their research activities including work done in collaboration with external researchers. Select one of the publication types from the list below. The list MAY NOT BE complete, refer to activity reports for official information.

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bulletThe Case for Fast and Invariant-Preserving Geo-Replication
   Oct, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Valter Balegas, Mahsa Najafzadeh, Sérgio Duarte, Carla Ferreira, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Marc Shapiro, Nuno Preguiça

bulletTowards a Consistent Understanding of Consistency Levels
   Oct, 2014 @ other publications
   Henrique Moniz, Ricardo Dias, João Leitão, Natacha Crooks, Lorenzo Alvisi, Allen Clement, Rodrigo Rodrigues

bulletSelf-Adaptation and Secure Information Flow in Multiparty Structured Communications: A Unified Perspective
   Sep, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Ilaria Castellani, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini, Jorge A. Pérez

bulletDocNuvem: Edição Colaborativa de Documentos na Nuvem com Garantias de Privacidade
   Sep, 2014 @ in proceedings
   João Cardia Rodrigues, Bernardo Ferreira, João Leitão, Henrique João Domingos

bulletTowards an Image Encryption Scheme with Content-Based Image Retrieval Properties
   Sep, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Bernardo Ferreira, João Cardia Rodrigues, João Leitão, Henrique João Domingos

bulletForeword of the Thematic Track: Evidence-Based Software Quality Engineering
   Sep, 2014 @ editorial activities
   Guilherme Horta Travassos, Fernando Brito e Abreu

bulletUm Mecanismo de Caching para o Protocolo SCORe
   Sep, 2014 @ in proceedings
   João André Silva, João Lourenço, Hervé Paulino

bulletA cover-based approach for configuration repair
   Sep, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Jorge Barreiros, Ana Moreira

bulletIntroducing usability concerns early in the DSL development cycle: FlowSL experience report
   Sep, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Ankica Barisic, Vasco Amaral, Miguel Goulão, Ademar Aguiar

bulletOtimização automática de aplicações web usando templates client-side
   Sep, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Sara Gonçalves, Hugo Lourenço, Sérgio Silva, João Costa Seco

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