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Publications Icon  List of publications produced by CITI members as part of their research activities including work done in collaboration with external researchers. Select one of the publication types from the list below. The list MAY NOT BE complete, refer to activity reports for official information.

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bulletTowards the Transparent Execution of Compound OpenCL Computations in Multi-CPU/Multi-GPU Environments
   Dec, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Fábio Soldado, Fernando Jorge Marques Alexandre, Hervé Paulino

bulletBuilding a Platform for Pervasive Personalization in a Ubiquitous Computing World
   Dec, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Rui Neves Madeira, Pedro Albuquerque Santos, Nuno Correia

bulletPrivacy-Preserving Content-Based Image Retrieval in the Cloud
   Nov, 2014 @ other publications
   Bernardo Ferreira, João Cardia Rodrigues, João Leitão, Henrique João Domingos

bulletIdentification of Bilingual Suffix Classes for Classification and Translation Generation
   Nov, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Kavitha Mahesh, Luís Gomes, Gabriel Pereira Lopes

bulletSuper-Fon: Mobile Entertainment to Combat Phonological Disorders in Children
   Nov, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Rui Neves Madeira, Patrícia Macedo, Sofia Reis, João Lima Ferreira

bulletAn Event-Based Approach to Runtime Adaptation in Communication-Centric Systems
   Nov, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Cinzia Di Giusto, Jorge A. Pérez

bulletTowards a Consistent Understanding of Consistency Levels
   Oct, 2014 @ other publications
   Henrique Moniz, Ricardo Dias, João Leitão, Natacha Crooks, Lorenzo Alvisi, Allen Clement, Rodrigo Rodrigues

bulletSwiftCloud: Fault- Tolerant Geo-Replication Integrated all the Way to the Client Machine (invited talk)
   Oct, 2014 @ in proceedings
   Nuno Preguiça, Marek Zawirski, Annette Bieniusa, Sérgio Duarte, Valter Balegas, Marc Shapiro

bulletContext Sense Clustering for Translation
   Oct, 2014 @ in proceedings
   João Casteleiro, Gabriel Pereira Lopes, Joaquim Ferreira da Silva

bulletThe SITAN Research Project Research Directions, Contributions and Achieved Results
   Oct, 2014 @ technical reports
   Henrique João Domingos

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