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Prototypes Icon  List of Software Prototypes done by CITI Members.

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bulletD3 Java Eclipse Plugin
   Hervé Paulino
   October, 2013

bulletM2DM (Eclipse plugin for Java metrics formalization and collection)
   Fernando Brito e Abreu
   September, 2013

bulletZib v0.8 - Language and Compiler for the Parallel Computing Environment Elina
   Hervé Paulino, Artur Miguel Dias
   September, 2013

bulletA Framework for the construction of business portals to service IaaS consumer requests on the HP Cloud
   Paulo Afonso Lopes
   September, 2013

bulletReDstm - Multiple Data Replication Models for Distributed Transactional Memory in Java
   João Lourenço, Hervé Paulino, João André Silva
   September, 2013

bulletVisita virtual à primeira exposição da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
   Nuno Correia, Rui Nóbrega
   July, 2013

bulletTomo-GPU v2 Environment for processing tomographic images of composite materials
   Pedro Medeiros, Adriano Lopes, Fernando Birra, Nuno Oliveira, Paulo Quaresma
   July, 2013

bulletMINSENS++ - Intrusion Tolerant Protocol using Data Consensus
   Henrique João Domingos
   June, 2013

   Gabriel Pereira Lopes, José Aires, Luís Gomes
   June, 2013

bulletEpik - Edutainment by Playing and Interacting with Knowledge
   Carmen Morgado, Fernanda Barbosa
   May, 2013

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