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A. Eduardo DiasMultiModal SystemsAssistant Professor
Adriano LopesMultiModal SystemsAssociate Researcher
Ana MoreiraSoftware SystemsAssociate Professor
Ana Paula MaldonadoSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Anacleto CorreiaSoftware SystemsAssociate Researcher
André SabinoMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Ankica BarisicSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Anne KerstenSoftware SystemsPhD Student
António Paulo SantosMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
António RavaraSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
Antonielly Garcia RodriguesSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Armanda RodriguesMultiModal SystemsAssistant Professor
Artur Miguel DiasSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
Bernardo FerreiraComputer SystemsPhD Student
Bernardo ToninhoSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Bruno CardosoMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Bruno SilvaMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Carla FerreiraSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
Carlos GonçalvesComputer SystemsPhD Student
Carlos LeandroSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Carmen MorgadoComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
Cédric GrueauSoftware SystemsPhD Student
DanielPortoComputer SystemsPhD Student
David NavalhoComputer SystemsPhD Student
Diogo CabralMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Elisabete FreireSoftware SystemsAssociate Researcher
Fernanda BarbosaSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
Fernando BirraMultiModal SystemsAssistant Professor
Fernando Brito e AbreuSoftware SystemsAssociate Professor
Filipa PelejaMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Filipe MilitãoSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Gabriel Pereira LopesMultiModal SystemsAssociate Researcher
Gracinda CarvalhoMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Henrique João DomingosComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
Henrique MonizComputer SystemsAssociate Researcher
Hervé PaulinoComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
Hugo Torres VieiraSoftware SystemsAssociate Researcher
Isabel Sofia BritoSoftware SystemsAssociate Researcher
Joana DâmasoSoftware SystemsIntern
Joaquim Ferreira da SilvaMultiModal SystemsAssistant Professor
João André SilvaComputer SystemsPhD Student
João AraújoSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
João CasteleiroMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
João Costa SecoSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
João GouveiaMultiModal SystemsIntern
João LeitãoComputer SystemsAssociate Researcher
João LourençoComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
João MagalhãesMultiModal SystemsAssistant Professor
João Moura PiresSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
João SoaresComputer SystemsPhD Student
João VenturaMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Jorge A. PérezSoftware SystemsAssociate Researcher
Jorge BarreirosSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Jorge CostaMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Jorge Filipe CustódioComputer SystemsPhD Student
José AiresMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
José Alberto Cardoso e CunhaComputer SystemsFull Professor
José Legatheaux MartinsComputer SystemsFull Professor
José Magno LopesSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Kavitha MaheshMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Konstantinos (Kostas) KloudasComputer SystemsAssociate Researcher
Luís Alexandre Ferreira da SilvaSoftware SystemsAssociate Researcher
Luís GomesMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Luís Miguel LourençoSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Luís Pires da SilvaSoftware SystemsMSc Student
Luísa LourençoSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Luis AssunçãoComputer SystemsPhD Student
Luis CairesSoftware SystemsFull Professor
Luis F. S. TeixeiraMultiModal SystemsIntern
Luis MonteiroSoftware SystemsFull Professor
Manuel Prospero dos SantosMultiModal SystemsAssociate Professor
Marco GiuntiSoftware SystemsAssociate Researcher
Margarida MamedeSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
Maria Cecília GomesComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
Mauricio AlférezSoftware SystemsAssociate Researcher
Miguel DominguesSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Miguel GoulãoSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
Miguel Pessoa MonteiroSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
Miguel PinheiroMultiModal SystemsMSc Student
Miguel RamosComputer SystemsPhD Student
Nuno CorreiaMultiModal SystemsFull Professor
Nuno MarquesMultiModal SystemsAssistant Professor
Nuno OliveiraComputer SystemsPhD Student
Nuno PimentaMultiModal SystemsMSc Student
Nuno PreguiçaComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
Paulo Afonso LopesComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
Paulo QuaresmaMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Pedro CentieiroMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Pedro GuerreiroSoftware SystemsFull Professor
Pedro MedeirosComputer SystemsAssociate Professor
Ricardo DiasComputer SystemsAssociate Researcher
Rodrigo RodriguesComputer SystemsAssociate Professor
Rossana SantosMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Rui DominguesSoftware SystemsMSc Student
Rui GamitoMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Rui JesusMultiModal SystemsAssistant Professor
Rui MarquesComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
Rui NóbregaMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Rui Neves MadeiraMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Sérgio BrytonSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Sérgio DuarteComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
Sofia CavacoMultiModal SystemsAssistant Professor
Sofia ReisMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Tamito KajiyamaComputer SystemsAssociate Researcher
Tarquínio MotaMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Teresa RomãoMultiModal SystemsAssistant Professor
Tiago SantosSoftware SystemsPhD Student
Tiago ValeComputer SystemsPhD Student
Tiago ValenteMultiModal SystemsMSc Student
Valentim RealinhoMultiModal SystemsPhD Student
Valter BalegasComputer SystemsPhD Student
Vasco AmaralSoftware SystemsAssistant Professor
Vítor DuarteComputer SystemsAssistant Professor
Vitor RocioMultiModal SystemsAssociate Professor