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Ana Moreira (Organizing Committee Member) @ EA-AOSD '03: Workshop on Early Aspects: Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and Architecture Design

This workshop aims to support the cross-fertilisation of ideas in requirements engineering, software architecture design and aspect-oriented software development. For this, the term Early Aspects has been coined to denote a requirements engineering and architecture design approach that integrates aspect-orientation techniques. From a requirements engineering and architecture design perspective this concept will improve and broaden the understanding of the identification and management of requirements and architecture level concerns. In this way, not only behavioural components will be addressed but also crosscutting requirements and non-behavioural architectural concerns will be explicitly handled. From an aspect-orientation perspective the workshop will provide attendees with a forum for discussing issues that can lead to a better understanding of how aspects can be used to support systematic and rigorous development of software from the very early stages such as requirements engineering and architecture design. The workshop will focus on challenges to defining methodical software development processes for aspects from early on in the software life cycle and explore the potential of proposed methods and techniques to scale up to industrial applications.

Date: 17 Mar 2003 to 17 Mar 2003

Event Type: Workshop

Scope: International

Location: Boston, USA

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