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Ana Moreira (Organizing Committee Member) @ EA-OOPSLA '04: Workshop on Early Aspects: Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and Architecture Design

“Early aspects” is an emerging research area of Aspect-Oriented Software Development, focusing on managing aspects during requirements engineering and architecture design. Previous research in the area has shown that employing an aspect-oriented approach during the very early development stages of both Aspect-Oriented and Object-Oriented systems can help capture crosscutting properties and establish critical trade-offs before the design and implementation phases. Such an early aspect identification promises to improve the quality of the products and reduce adaptation, evolution, and maintenance costs. At the same time, it helps developers to maintain traceability of crosscutting properties throughout the software life cycle. However, managing aspects in early-lifecycle artefacts is as complex and challenging a task as doing so at the design and code level. Effective methods, tools and techniques are required to help with the handling and planning for early aspects. This workshop builds on the progress of previous workshops (held in conjunction with each of the AOSD conferences so far), to provide a forum for the discussion of approaches, models, or empirical evidence that would help with the management of early-aspects

Date: 25 Oct 2004 to 25 Oct 2004

Event Type: Workshop

Scope: International

Location: Vancouver, Canada

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