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Ana Moreira (Organizing Committee Member) @ Aspects and Software Product Lines: An Early Aspects Workshop at SPLC-Europe 2005

Aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) techniques aim to systematically identify, modularise, represent and compose broadly-scoped properties such as security, mobility, availability and real-time constraints – the so called crosscutting concerns – throughout the software life cycle. The initial focus of AOSD techniques has been at the programming level resulting in a range of aspect-oriented programming (AOP) techniques, and a number of application studies validating them in real-world application scenarios. Recently, however, the term “Early Aspects” has emerged to refer to AOSD techniques that focus on treatment of crosscutting concerns that arise before implementation, especially in requirements analysis and architecture design. Five Early Aspects workshops have been held to date to explore this area (see One very promising application of early aspects is in the capture and representation of variability across a family of products. Preliminary demonstrations have shown that the concept is feasible. This workshop would be the first step to launch such a community-wide focused investigation on the application of aspects throughout the life cycle to product line development.


Event Type: Workshop

Scope: International

Location: Rennes, France

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