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Ana Moreira (Organizing Committee Member) @ EA-AOSD '06: Early Aspects Workshop: Traceability of Aspects in the Early Life Cycle

During the last years, together with the developments in aspect-oriented programming several approaches have been proposed for coping with concerns at the early stages of the software development life cycle. Early aspects are defined as crosscutting concerns in the early life cycle phases including the requirements analysis, domain analysis and architecture design phases. It is expected that these approaches will further evolve and as such provide a means for identification and specification of aspects in the various phases in the life cycle. Besides of the identification and specification of aspects in the separate phases it is also important to trace the aspects throughout these stages. Traceability can be defined as the degree to which a relationship can be established between two or more products of the development process. Traceability facilitates understanding by relating an artefact to its previous and next representation, complimented with information for reasons of decisions taken. Traceability has been studied in various software engineering domains including requirements engineering, software process modelling, process improvement and method engineering. This workshop aims to share and extend the ideas on traceability for tracing aspects thereby focusing on requirements engineering, domain engineering and software architecture design.

Date: 20 Mar 2006

Event Type: Workshop

Scope: International

Location: Bonn, Germany

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