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Joint CITI and INRIA team win a Google Research Award

Cloud computing infrastructures need to rely on optimistic and geographic data replication for providing elastic scalability and fault tolerance. Applications requiring such kind of support include well-known systems such as Gmail, Gmaps, Wave, Amazon, Facebook, and many others.

In this environment, handling concurrent updates while still providing high data availability is complex and requires specially designed solutions. A novel solution for concurrency control - CRDT - have been recently proposed by researchers from INRIA and CITI. In the context of the grant awarded by Google, researchers will investigate the use of CRDT for addressing concurrency control in cloud computing infrastructures.

The work will take place in the context of TRXSYS research-team, whose core reseachers are Nuno Preguiça and João Lourenço. TRXSYS general goal is to research solutions for concurrent programming/shared data access based on the transaction model.